ТЕРАЗИД / WoodDecor - декоративна мазилка с ефект на дърво


Мазилка WOOD DECOR на „Теразид“ е продукт със специфична визия, имитиращ различни видове дървесни фурнири. Това дава възможност за разнообразие в декорацията на интериори и екстериори на сгради, а цветовото многообразие и интересните декоративни ефекти са само малка част от възможностите.

WOOD DECOR is a high-quality protective decorative plaster, resembling wood coating. There is a great variety of architectural variants, for both, façades and individual façade elements, as well as for interior decisions. WOOD DECOR has an excellent adhesion to all types of bases, such as cement surfaces, lime-cement and gypsum plasters, gypsumfazer, gypsumborads, etc. Preliminary processing with the universal primer for plasters - TERAZID G-33 reduces the water absorption ability of the base and increases its adhesion with the final layer. 
The structure, resembling wood, is made with the help of a special silicone stamp, which is carefully pressed to the plaster while it’s still fresh. TERAZID Ltd. presents a great variety of stamps with different wood patterns.
The final decorative effect of the wood coating with different colours of wood, is achieved with the help of the silicone impregnator WOOD DECOR G-1000, which is selected in a catalogue of 30 colours. For more natural and various vision, two different shades of the impregnator can be used, creating the illusion of natural wood patterns. Besides achieving the aesthetic appearance of the final coating, the product is also used for protection of the plaster from penetration of water, moist, dust and aggressive particles.